What if your house was burning?…

If your house was burning, what would you take with you? It’s a conflict between what’s practical, valuable and sentimental.  That is a tough thing to think about in a few seconds. This could be one of the best interview questions ever, and such a interesting study of character. It’s even more interesting to SEE people’s answers in a photograph!

That´s what The Burning House website has been documenting as it gathers creative, touching and weird submissions from all over the world…

What would your emergency kit look like?

Be fast, otherwise you will just find ashes…

OinC OinC…


    • Thks! It is something that we don´t think about at all and it´s cool to know that everybody is unique with quit different personality, needs, etc…

  1. Pacha Photo

    nice collection of photos.

    this is a question i have always asked myself.
    these days i would just grab the laptop and the camera. lol

    • That is cool that you have the answer for this question, cuz I think it´s so tough to pick what is valuable, sentimental and bla… thx for stopping by, Pacha!

  2. We blogged about this site too, it’s really nice. Btw, love the new lay-out! I think it makes the photo’s stand out more.

  3. Always have an emergency bag packed I say. It’s interesting to see what people would want to save, I wonder if they’d have time to go to all the places to grab them though in a matter of seconds or minutes.

  4. What a creative post, I love it.
    Unfortunately, I KNOW you would not like to see the OH SO BORING picture of my file box containing all of our certificates of births, deeds, ssn #’s, and titles.
    That is what I would take with me.
    I know I sound boring, but running out of the house buck naked with only a huge file box to cover my “stuff” actually sounds kind of interesting, doesn’t it? LOL

  5. iJurgens

    It seems like they had too much time to think about what they were going to bring with them. In a fire you really don’t have that much time to decide unless it was preplanned. Seems very staged and thought out.

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