Dear photograph…

Taylor Jones has a blog called Dear Photograph in which he holds up old photos in the exact location that they were taken, bringing the past back to life. With each photograph, the owner of the image makes a statement about the photo. At first he was just posting his own photos, but now he gets tons of email submissions from all over the world. He is now hard at work on a book! We thought it was kinda cool to share that! Old memories… great memories!

Happy Sunday Funday to everyone! Oops… it´s Wednesday, but totally feels like Sunday because it´s a holiday in Brazil!

OinC OinC…


    • You´re welcome, Emily! Everytime we see things that intrigue us somehow in some way we post it! And that was such a clever idea! Thx for visiting us!

  1. Very interesting concept here. I like it. Photographs and memories go hand in hand. The idea of capturing the emotional moments of the memories behind us in the form of art, photography or conceptualization is a strong element of my work as an artist as well.

    This is powerful stuff here, thanks for sharing.

  2. I found here last week, then my son deleted all my computer’s history so couldn’t find you again. Yahoo showed me the way though, Google seemed a waste of time. Anyways, bookmarked here now, so shouldn’t happen agin. Thanks very much.

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