Lana Sutra, the power of wool

Lana Sutra by Erik Ravelo for  Benetton

As a good marketer, I´ve always LOVED United Colors of Benetton campaigns, they are brilliant and often carry a great message. In this case, a creative art installation made of wool, infused within the “Kama Sutra” message and positions theme (Kama Sutra – an ancient Indian text which is considered the primary Sanskrit work on human sexuality).
These art pieces embody the idea of color and of a woolen thread linking all humankind. The Lana Sutra is a series of 15 installations conceived as an homage to love and dedicated to the desire for an equal and sharing society.  I love how cleverly he has combined textiles, wool, colors, sexual appeal and human kind.

Sex sells, colors sells, art sells and creativity sells.. Way to go Benetton!

: I loved being with him. I would have done anything just to be with him. 
Teacher of the Kama Sutra: What kind of love are you talking about? Real love? If you’re looking for real love, you’ve chosen the hardest task of all, the work for which all other work is but preparation. 
Maya: But I was ready. I wanted to give myself to him. 
Teacher of the Kama Sutra: Love does not mean surrendering, “losing yourself”. It is a call to ripen. Don’t look for straight lines, Maya. Life is never like that. 


  1. Wow, this is all kinds of odd. I wonder what my knitting friend will think of this 😉 Fasinating blog you’ve got here. I hadn’t noticed how much weirdness there was in mainstream advertising! I must stop by again. best wishes b.x

  2. This is great! Interesting and colourful. I really like this!
    Thanks for looking at my beauty review blog by the way. I just got it properly started the other day so a post is being submitted every day and I want to try to make it big. If you have any advice or help you may want to give me then please email me. My email address was on my blog.

    Thanks again for looking at it in the first place. It’s nice to know it’s getting out to people already 🙂
    Best of luck with yours too… there’s some great stuff on here.

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