Destination: Africa!

African Miracle
, meaning place of miracles, is a group of world-renowned games reserves in Africa (South-Africa, Tanzania and Zimbabwe) which provide a positive balance of hospitality, conservation and community for all of their guests. The lodges contain an eclectic mix of African heritage and European contemporary furniture which adds a luxury feel to this unique African game reserve, the decor fits well with surrounding jungle, merging indoors with outdoors.

They have been able to share a unique part of the world in a manner which is respectful of the natural environment. The idea that a minimal number of guests would have little impact on the land and its fauna and flora. Not to mention, their commitment to making a sustainable difference to local communities and to protecting the environment and wildlife.

Let me finish this post, I got play the Lotto before they close. Wish me luck!

“Peace is costly but it is worth the expense”
African Proverb


  1. Oh my God! When can I leave? I remember many years ago my travel to Kenya where we had a pretty much good hotel but nothing to do with this luxurious hotel. What a progress! It reminds me the wonderful safari by jeep and small plane we made along the Kilimanjaro. Unforgettable and our trip to Tanzania down to the Ngorogoro Crater which is the biggest crater of the world. I remember little tents near the water holes, scary at night as I heard the Gard walking the entire night around the tent and the noise of hyenas, rhinoceros and other animals. Unforgettable. And the early morning tea served at 5am!!
    would the journey be the same in such a luxurious hotel? Probably not but it is very tempting. Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures.

  2. Wow, that is breath-takingly beautiful! Nothing like where I stayed when I lived in east Africa – I even had bed bugs twice. This is georgeous! You have the most interesting posts! 🙂

    • Bed Bugs? Urghhhhh…. but such a nice experience living in east Africa, huh? Please come back soon to check out what´s new here!!! Thx for stopping by!

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