Chic Garbage, Trashy Reign!

Garbage Reign Photo Shoot Celebrates Royalty and Garbage

Danil Golovkin has an insane sense of fashion, this photo shoot called Garbage Reign, was inspired by fine arts (fashion, photography, arts and trash, it`s a WIN times 4 situation). The Russian Golovkin is a highly sought-after fashion photographer, his work has also been featured in many galleries and magazines.
Amazing work that can only be done with a lot of thought and effort, fabulous details.  The styling is beautiful, everything looks fierce!

Better to reign in hell than serve in heaven.
John Milton
Windsor, drama and Glamour
Pink Flamingo, Pink lady, Pink mafia
Dear Santa, I want this really bad 
Trash Garbage Fashion
Grano di logica Nella Follia


  1. nicole

    i absolutely love this post! makes me think fondly of “the trash heap” from fraggle rock! she rocked the trash fashion in the 80s, for sure! 😉 x

  2. Airpan

    That is AWESOME. Fierce is right, but I like the aristocracy that the theme creates out of garbage.

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