Dance like no one’s watching!

Dance photographs
Diana Patient is a photographer of many things, perhaps specialising mostly in creative portrait photography, dancer and performers’ portfolios and fashion editorial photographs. From working as a press photographer for The Daily Mirror, to working for fashion designers abroad to photographing internationally acclaimed bands at big music festivals.

Diana emailed us today, to check it out her work, we loved her style and decided to feature some of her fabulous dance photographs.
Keep it up dear, thanks for letting us know about your fabulous eye.

Let´s give her some love and appreciation, check it out her work.
Diana´s Blog
Diana´s 500px

I would believe only in a God that knows how to dance.  ~Friedrich Nietzsche

Ballerinas take over the Big Apple
Tough Ballerina 


    • nicole

      i am trying to figure out how to reblog this! can you offer any tips? i can’t find ANY helpful advice on wordpress! thank you! x

      • Hi Nicole…I had never reblogged before, but I thing you should go to your main page (kinda menu and settings), go to “posts I like” or search for the post you want to reblog and you have the option of “like”or “reblog”… but not sure if this works! Hope it does! 😀

      • nicole

        i literally searched wordpress for an hour, trying to figure it out. my eyes spotted the “posts i liked” header, and i was 99 percent inclined to click upon it. but i did not. 🙂 it has worked perfectly, and your article is officially reblogged! thank you for the morning inspiration! x

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