Trading sexy for futuristic.

Brazilian bombshell Victoria’s Secret Angel Alessandra Ambrósio (she’s the real deal!) trades her glam, sexy look for an androgynous futuristic one featured in the winter cover shoot of Muse Magazine. Shot by Chad Pitman and styled by Melissa Rubini, Alessandra plays the role of a very sleek vixen in the designs of Balenciaga, Chloe, Balmain, Celine, among other great ones. Really love the fact she looks insanely gorgeous in such different way. Her transformation is done with multi-colored bobs and otherworldly type of makeup! Wow….

” The most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are. You trade in your reality for a role. You give up your ability to feel, and in exchange, put on a mask.” Jim Morrison


Kate Moss in technicolor

Optical Illusion

When retro meets futuristic

Alien twist in a human body


  1. I wonder why we tend to think this kind of androgynous look will be in the future, when it is literally a thing of the past? The 1960’s were in the past. And yet the idea was presented then as ‘futuristic’ and that notion has stuck. In the third picture they really gave her Vulcan eyebrows. And yes, the long standing popularity of Star Trek keeps portraying relatively androgynous Vulcans in the future — that is probably a big part of this confusion over which point in time this look really belongs…

    Well, it’s late and these are just some weird thoughts. 🙂

  2. Some of the look here goes further back to more retro ideas of the future – like the Russian Constructivists! (Especially some of the backdrops…)

  3. Looking at these a second time, these photos really are more thought provoking than I got the first time… Lighting to make her skin look green, and the gray dress in the photo with the cloudy background looks really out of place with the haircut, etc. Tasty anachronism! 🙂

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