Santa’s party on the verge…

In the old days, it was not called the Holiday Season, right?… the Christians called it “Christmas” and would go to church, the Jews called it “Hanukka” and would head to synagogue. Fine. Well… regular random people would pass each other on the street saying “Merry Christmas” and the atheists go to parties to get drunk and weird! Let’s celebrate it with this awesome and “inspiring”editorial shot by irish photographer Tony Kelly, styled by Anneke Kriegelsteine for Cosmopolitan Magazine! It’s so cool the way Tony Kelly works… love his spontaneity capturing a moment just in time and his kinda voyeurism with it’s fun! Wish we had more images!

“There has been only one Christmas, the rest are anniversaries”. W. J. Cameron


Dear Santa, I want this really bad!

Minimalism is for quitters

Trick or treat? Trick!


  1. Just dropping by to say Thank you so much for your “like” of another of my cha-cha’s. So nice to be appreciated by a seriously good fashion eye 🙂 Following you now, of course.

    I’ll shake today’s bracelet in your honor ..have a more than fabulous day!


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