Tech art? iLouvre?

French photographer Leo Caillard teamed up with Antoine Mairot in order to create an editorial for Amusement Magazine  about how the Musée du Louvre uses Apple navigation system for showcasing their art. It’s called Art Game and both did an splendid job with some incredible 3D and retouching skills.  According to Leo,the concept was inspired by the way visitors appreciate art in museums these days (in the era of technology), and how the internet sources banalize the access to images (so massive) and make people lose the ability of reflection on what they are starring at the museums. They say, usually people spend average 5 sec dedicating their attention to an image at a museum as well as they look at random stuff on their smart phones (unfortunately,I think we spend a way more than 5 secs looking at stuff on our phones). It’s getting harder and harder to be sociable with this phone mania/fever. Well, but this is another issue…

C’mon, guys… art is not a game! Let’s get back to the “old school mode”when visiting a temple of art like The Louvre! Focus on the art and let your imagination speak for you!

“Art is never finished, it’s abandoned and it shouln’t be”.


Light painting

Stylish iPhone!

Social Media Propaganda

Raise your glass

Seriously, believe them.


  1. I really can’t agree that people only spend five seconds on a work of art. I’m not interested in looking at my phone when I am in an art gallery. In fact it stays in my pocket. Going to an art gallery, for me, is a real luxury. I could spend hours there without using any technology…

    • I totally agree with you… it feels like I’m in another level, I breath art and it’s insane! No need for technology while appreciating it! Thx for stopping by!

  2. I like old art and new art. I don’t think they should “change” the way art is shown. Maybe they should just add it as another genre. There are a lot of really good animated GIF’s out there and cinema-graphs and I was saying to my friend that it would be a cool idea if they had a gallery dedicated to showing these. It wouldn’t get boring because the imagery would be changeable by clicking 2-3 times and the amount of information that can be put into a moving image is pretty much endless.

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