Splash, drama & windows.

Lanvin presents its new Splash installation, shockingly showcasing its Fall 2012 collection . This stop-you-in-your-tracks visual display is “awash with bursts of colors, fountains of paint, and bodies in motion,” states the trailblazing maison. This fresh setup uses color as a tool to deliver a dramatic shock factor. Tones of rich emerald green, raspberry red, and bluebird blue are splashed over mannequins in not-often-seen contorted positions, for a combination that definitely makes a scene.

It depends on where you put the paint, not how much you splash on. Julian Eltinge


Designer brand illustrations
Illustrated fashion icons
Cheesy meets artsy!
British fashion stamps


  1. damn. some of the images conjuring thoughts of Jack the Ripper, The Birds, Alien, Carrie, Medusa, mantises, and their sexual cannibalism. unusually effective

    • Jeni Johnson

      Agreed. Very attention grabbing. I don’t feel morbid for liking this. Very splashing! 😉

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