Flesh and acrylic

“Flesh and Acrylic” is Ben Heine’s latest project (started in 2011). Ben creates abstract acrylic paintings on large wooden panels. The main idea is to create a surface blending the model with the background. Indeed, the particularity of the project resides in the fact that a living person is integrated in the artwork and is part of the whole composition. The end result is often wild and very colorful. Once the painting is finished, Ben takes pictures of it. The photos will be printed and exhibited afterwards. In this series, Ben’s intention is to give a new beauty and a new dimension to the life model.

Check out more of Bens work a lot of which is available to purchase via his website

You can draw with acrylic paint and never forget the basics. Composition and technique are critical but don’t take it too seriously. Have fun. Jason Broatch

Living paintings
Modern camouflage
My face is a canvas
Light and paint
Sexual Colors


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