Photo impressionism

Josh Adamski has captured stunning images and turned them into works of fine art with his keen eye. He was born and raised in the UK and is now based in Israel. Much of Adamski’s work is focused around water as he lives near the beach and draws inspiration from the sea. After a photograph is taken, editing takes place to make the image more abstract and turn it into something even more powerful.

The colors that Adamski brings out in his photos work well together and really turn the photograph in a specific direction. His use of silhouettes for most of the people in his photographs add an element of intrigue to the already mysterious works. All of the smooth lines and blurring certain parts of the image give a calm feel to the photographs. Adamski’s work transports us to a peaceful yet powerful land that simply takes our breath away. Using beautiful washes of colors, he makes unique, abstract art that feels stunningly sublime. He’s referred to his work as photo impressionism.

You can find more of his work at Behance or 500px.

“It is the soul that sees; the outward eyes
Present the object, but the Mind descries.
We see nothing till we truly understand it.”  
John Constable

As minimal as it is
Little Planets
Topographic projections
Not colourblind
Life is a quotation
Another minimal shot


  1. Beautiful! I especially like the sea scenes and your use of birds.
    I suggest you put you name on these – gives you a little protection.

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