Double exposure portraits

heitormagno7Brazilian photographer Heitor Magno is a really cool visual artist who’s behind some very eye-catching double exposures. He applies many of his double exposed imagery “like a tattoo artist on flesh; the effect is seamless and stunning at times”. Reminiscent of Matt Wisniewski‘s work, Heitor often mixes the human body with various natural elements and he literally likes to “play with fire” in a darker conceptual way. Awesome portraits!

heitormagno04heitor%2520magno%25208%255B3%255Dheitormagno02heitormagno06heitormagno00heitormagno2heitor01heitor%2520magno%25209%255B3%255Dheitormagno03heitormagno11Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere. Carl Sagan

mANIMAL portraits
Oleg Dou
I see art when I look at the mirror
Weird beauty


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