Wow, burning matchsticks!

matchstick-art-stanislav-aristov-01Check this out guys… everyday icons and objects formed from matches burning brightly against a black background – not only is Russian photographer Stanislav Aristov’s Matches series, it is gorgeous and clever as well.  After creating the shapes by bending them mid-burn, he uses a macro lens and studio flash to capture the flame and smoke.  Aristov says “It was while I was watching the match that I began to think of how it represents life…there is the burnt part representing the past, the smoke of memories and the untouched part of the match the future…the fire is life.”

matchstick-art-stanislav-aristov-02matchstick-art-stanislav-aristov-1-600x600matchstick-art-stanislav-aristov-03matchstick-art-stanislav-aristov-04matchstick-art-stanislav-aristov-5-600x600matchstick-art-stanislav-aristov-06matchstick-art-stanislav-aristov-05matchstick-art-stanislav-aristov-08matchstick-art-stanislav-aristov-09matchstick-art-stanislav-aristov-matchstick-art-stanislav-aristov-14-600x600matchstick-art-stanislav-aristov-15-600x600matchstick-art-stanislav-aristov-19-600x600matchstick-art-stanislav-aristov-17-600x600matchstick-art-stanislav-aristov-16-600x600matchstick-art-stanislav-aristov-20-600x600matchstick-art-stanislav-aristov-24-600x600You know what burns me? Matches. Jay London

Burning matcheads
Pencil shaving
Ink riders
Toy sculptures


  1. I wish the term “photography” wouldn’t be so loose these days. Photoshop is not an ugly word, but a creative workbench. I wouldn’t classify these as photographs anymore, but rather mixed media or digital art. Well, i really like what he did there.

  2. Rich

    I want to start by saying the work is good and very clever.My problem (and what I struggle with ) is clever art?

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  4. Congratulations to Stanislav for his unique art, ingenuity and great patience.
    Stanislav’s photo of the musical notes is an amazing coincidence with some burnt matchsticks uploaded on my flickrphotos.

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