Dancers among us!

Dancers among us  chicquero photography - dance Luke_McCollum_Dancers_Among_Usdancers among us  chicquero photography - dance Jacob_Jill_Santa_Monica_Dancers_Among_UsDancers-Among-Us- chicquero photography - dance at-Joe-Coffee-Kile-Hotchkiss33dancers among us  chicquero photography - dance Angelica_Generosa41dancers among us  chicquero photography - dance Aisha_Mitchell_1dancers among us  chicquero photography - dance Evan_Ruggiero_Sloane_Kettering_Dancers_Among_Us78Dancers among us  chicquero photography - dance Evgeniya_Chernukhina_Philadelphia_Dancers_Among_USdancers among us  chicquero photography - dance Claire_Conaty_Dancers-Among-_Us_SeattleDancers among us  chicquero photography - dance Ezra-Thomson-in-Seattle-Dancers-Among-Usdancers among us  chicquero photography - dance Jason_MacdonaldDancers among us  chicquero photography - dance Jacob_Jonas_Jill_Wilson_Dancers_Among_Us76dancers among us  chicquero photography - dance Kara_Lozanovski_Dancers_Among_Us_IndianaDancers among us  chicquero photography - dance Kayla_Radomski_on_Venice_Beach_Dancers_Among_Us33 dancers among us  chicquero photography - dance Aisha_Mitchell_2dancers among us  chicquero photography - dance Michael_Jagger_Evita_Arce_Times_Square dancers among us  chicquero photography - dance Ricardo_Rhodes_Sarasota_Dancers_Among_UsDancers among us  chicquero photography - dance Pablo_Sanchez_Dancers_Among_Us_Madison_GA dancers among us  chicquero photography - dance Rockefeller_Center_NYC Dancers_Among_Us  chicquero photography - dance _Grand_Central_Station_Orlando_Martinez_SarahSadie_Newett- Dancers_Among_Us_ chicquero photography - dance Astoria Dancers_Among_Us_ chicquero photography - dance Jamila_Glass_Joshua_Tree Dancers_Among_Us_ chicquero photography - dance Sun_Chong_Washington_DC Dancers-Among-Us  chicquero photography - dance -Lincon-Center-Parisa-KhobdehDancers-Among-Us  chicquero photography - dance -Bryant-Park-B-boy-Gentl-Minsung-KimDancers-Among-Us  chicquero photography - dance -Stone-Street-Michelle-Joy Dancers-Among-Us- chicquero photography - dance as-Marilyn-Monroe-Jennifer-JonesDancers-Among-Us- chicquero photography - dance A-Train-Lisa-ColeDancers-Among-Us- chicquero photography - dance at-Half_Moon_Bay-Brendan-Barthel Dancers-Among-Us- chicquero photography - dance at-Playland-Eric-BourneDancers-Among-Us- chicquero photography - dance at-Macys-Annmaria-MazziniDancers-Among-Us- chicquero photography - dance at-the-Painted-Ladies-Brendan-Barthel-and-Kaitlyn-EbertDancers-Among-Us- chicquero photography - dance at-Princeton-University-Trisha-WolfDancers-Among-Us- chicquero photography - dance birdwatching-at-Stanford-University-Ryan-Smith-and-Wendy-Rein Dancers-Among-Us- chicquero photography - dance Christmas-in-Rockefeller-Center-Vanessa-Valecillos-and-Nicholas-Villeneuve Dancers-Among-Us- chicquero photography - dance in-Atlanta-Abby-McDowellDancers-Among-Us- chicquero photography - dance in_Las-Vegas-Joseph_Rivera-and-Shelia-Burford_Dancers-Among-Us- chicquero photography - dance in-Atlanta-Tomas-Panto Dancers-Among-Us- chicquero photography - dance in-Baltimore-Rachel-Bell Dancers-Among-Us- chicquero photography - dance in-Central-Park-John-HeginbothamDancers-Among-Us- chicquero photography - dance in-Carnegie-Deli-Tenealle-FarragherDancers-Among-Us- chicquero photography - dance in-Chicago-Angela_Dice-and-Demetrius-McClendon Dancers-Among-Us- chicquero photography - dance in-Chicago-at_Graceland-Cemetery-Chloe-Crade Dancers-Among-Us- chicquero photography - dance in-Chicago-Erin-Rye Dancers-Among-Us- chicquero photography - dance in-Chicago-Kara-Lozanovski Dancers-Among-Us- chicquero photography - dance in-Columbus-Circle-Michelle-Fleet Dancers-Among-Us- chicquero photography - dance in-Dover-Marc-Kranz Dancers-Among-Us- chicquero photography - dance in-Fish-Restaraunt-Robert-Kleinendorst-Annmaria-Mazzini59 Dancers-Among-Us- chicquero photography - dance in-Grand-Central-Station-Jake-SzczypekDancers-Among-Us- chicquero photography - dance in-Ft-Tryon-Park-Adrienne-Hayes Dancers-Among-Us- chicquero photography - dance in-Harlem-Eran-BuggeDancers-Among-Us- chicquero photography - dance in-Ft-Tryon-Park-Evgeniya-ChernukhinaDancers-Among-Us- chicquero photography - dance in-Harlem-Michael-McBride Dancers-Among-Us- chicquero photography - dance in-Illinois-Katherine-Scarnechia Dancers-Among-Us- chicquero photography - dance in-Lincoln-Center-Jermaine-Terry Dancers-Among-Us- chicquero photography - dance in-Madison-GA-Jacob-Bush-and-Claire-Stallman Dancers-Among-Us- chicquero photography - dance in-Miami-Sarah-BravermanDancers-Among-Us- chicquero photography - dance in-Maryland-Rachel-Bell19Dancers-Among-Us- chicquero photography - dance in-Montreal-Alyssa-Desamais Dancers-Among-Us- chicquero photography - dance in-Nyack-Betsy-CevaDancers-Among-Us- chicquero photography - dance in-NY-Public-Library-Michelle-Fleet91 Dancers-Among-Us- chicquero photography - dance in-Philadelphia-Miles-Yeung Dancers-Among-Us- chicquero photography - dance in-San-Francisco-Jamielyn-Duggan33Dancers-Among-Us- chicquero photography - dance in-San-Francisco-Dudley-FloresDancers-Among-Us- chicquero photography - dance in-San-Francisco-Sharon-GallagherDancers-Among-Us- chicquero photography - dance in-Sarasota-Danielle-Brown62Dancers-Among-Us- chicquero photography - dance in-Times-Square-Jeffrey-SmithDancers-Among-Us- chicquero photography - dance in-San-Francisco-_Brendan-Barthel-and-Victor-TalledosDancers-Among-Us- chicquero photography - dance in-Times-Square-Jennifer-Jones Dancers-Among-Us- chicquero photography - dance in-Washington-Square-Jorge-TorresDancers-Among-Us- chicquero photography - dance in-Washington-Heights-Tenealle-FarragherDancers-Among-Us- chicquero photography - dance in-Westchester-Dayla-Perkins Dancers-Among-Us- chicquero photography - dance Minetta-Lane-NYC-Alex-Wong Dancers-Among-Us- chicquero photography - dance NYC-Subway-Allison-Jones Dancers-Among-Us- chicquero photography - dance on-5th-Avenue-Michael-McBride-and-Ellenore-Scott Dancers-Among-Us- chicquero photography - dance on-Broadway-MIkey-Cusumano Dancers-Among-Us- chicquero photography - dance on-the-Highline-Karin-Ellis-WentzDancers-Among-Us- chicquero photography - dance skinnydipping-in-Chicago-Marissa-HortonDancers-Among-Us- chicquero photography - dance sleeping-in-Chicago-Kara-LozanovskiDancers-Among-Us- chicquero photography - dance VIP-Heliport-Marcella-GuarinoDancers-Among-Us- chicquero photography - dance Wellesley-College-Louise-Layman3237Dancers-Among-Us- chicquero photography - dance Yankee-Stadium-Parisa-KhobdehDancers-Among-Us- chicquero photography - dance on-Madison-Avenue-Arianna-Bickle

Dancers-Among-Us- chicquero photography - dance in-Time-Warner-Marielis-Garcia

“The inspiration for this book came to me one afternoon as I watched my son, Hudson, playing with his toy bus. I was trying to keep pace with his three-year-old mind as he got deeper and deeper into a fantasy involving nothing more than a yellow plastic box and armless figurines. At least that’s what I saw. He saw frantic commuters rushing to catch the 77 local bus to Australia. He jumped in place, mouth open and slapping his knees, joyously reacting to a world I couldn’t see, but one powerfully present for him.”

“What happens to this enthusiasm, this ability to be wholly present in the moment? Why are these pure moments of passion so often replaced with cynicism, boredom, and indifference? As I played with my son, I thought about creating photographs that would show the world as if through his eyes. The people in the images would be alive and in the moment, celebrating all aspects and emotions of everyday life.”

“Shortly after playing “bus”, I attended an extraordinary dance performance, and I knew I had found my collaborators. Dancers are storytellers. They’re trained to capture passion with their bodies. The often create a fantasy world or offer us a deeper look into familiar settings. They bring to life what we feel but what most of us, lacking their artistry and athleticism, are unable to express physically. I spent three years shooting dancers around the country, and I was humbled by their enthusiasm for their craft. I would tweet and Facebook when I would arrive in a city, and dancers would volunteer their time to pose for me, often traveling several hours to participate.”

“I’ve created these images for Hudson and his little sister, Salish. My children are everything to me; my dreams for them are enormous. I hope they have long and healthy lives, find loving partners and fulfilling careers, and, if it suits them, experience the joys of parenthood. Most important, I want them to be free from self-consciousness, to discover the deep happiness that comes from a life filled with passion, and to find the serenity necessary to be truly present. These photographs communicate my dreams for them more powerfully than words: Relish moments large and small, recognize the beauty around you, and be alive!”

Project by Jordan Matter
Check it out: Dancers among us

“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” Friedrich Nietzsche

Ballerinas in NYC
Dance like no one’s Watching
Tough Ballerina
The TuTu Project


  1. Karen L. Cirillo

    Mr. Matter,
    Thank you so much for your beautiful photgraphy,and the sentiment behind it. Being inspired by your young son, has brought the very best out in you.

  2. FredZilch

    When I was on the college gymnastics team, our coach asked us which athlete was the most highly conditioned. Of course we all replied “Gymnasts!”. He replied, “No. The most highly conditioned athletes are dancers”. I’m sure he’s right.

  3. lyttleton

    I’ve seen these photos on a number of sites, though I don’t think I’ve seen such an extensive collection of them in one place. Regardless, I adore them all.

  4. These ideas of yours are inspirational. So many of the photos spoke to me (ie. the convict in his cell reaching for freedom). Awesome! Thank you for sharing

  5. beckarooney

    A really stunning and inspiring collection of photos, it’s made me want to try out some new moves myself! Thanks for sharing, great post! 🙂 ♥

  6. RJ Diaz

    Reblogged this on The Industry Portage Co. and commented:
    I’m a huge modern of dance as a performing art. The photos found here by one of my favorite blogs, Chicquero, are stunning. Of course, my favorites are those taken in New York City.

  7. L. Rowan McKnight

    I certainly hope you have permission to have posted what looks like damn near the entire book. If not, shame on you.

  8. When I was a young dancer in NYC I did things like this in Central Park.
    People would tell me I was over the top; trying to hard.
    Nice to see that others have caught up.
    Gorgeous photos. Love seeing them. TY.

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  10. I couldn’t stop visiting these images… And I didn’t want them to stop. The entire time I was thinking “what a beautiful book this would be.” So glad I read on to learn it is a book. Thank you for sharing the art of the dancers through your art.

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  14. cool pics.. all the people are in their 20s of course, I would say 40-50% of them Photoshopped and most likely copy-righted.. I hope you have permission and for those of you who blog this collection,,,, you as well !

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  20. This was incredible! I love it. As a dancer myself, I was so inspired. This project sounded like a blast to do, and I would love to be a part of something similar when I get older. It’s so fabulous to see other people appreciating the artform of dance. It’s my life’s passion, and I’m glad someone shared this.

  21. mohit

    After seeing this theres this some extremly good feelin in that I could not explain bt its there all I can say….;)

  22. fisaNY

    Uhhhmazing! It would be so great to fall into a world of this and that’s exactly what this collection does…puts me in a world of dance and passion and love and humor behind it 🙂 !!!

  23. Miqs

    I went through the photos top to bottom, & thought to myself “There’s no way some of these are real. . . Photo-shopped. Photo-shopped. . .”. I’m amazed. I can’t believe all of these pictures are real! =D Together with the photographer’s words, they bring great inspiration & resolution to bring enthusiasm to life. It’s not what you do; it’s the attitude you do it with. What a great compilation =)

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  25. !!! ЧУДЕСНЫЙ альбом спасибо.
    Как утешить тебя, осень золотая?
    Отчего ты плачешь, милая? Скажи…
    Может быть, судьба твоя такая.
    Или по России плачешь от души…

    Твои слёзы говорят о боли,
    От небес до самой до земли.
    Слёзы, слёзы горькой доли,
    Как,прощаясь,плачут журавли.

    И летят они, крылом своим касаясь
    Православных, сломанных крестов.
    В дымке предрассветной растворяясь
    Под печальный звон колоколов..
    20.09.2013 Сергей Мор

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  31. This was pretty much the best thing that I have ever seen!! These pictures reminded me of why I love dance so much. It’s not about having perfect technique and beautiful arches. It’s about being free while telling a story. ❤ Loved this!!

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