Chic [French] meaning stylish or smart, as an element of art, fashion and design.
Quero [Portuguese] verb. like, want; will, desire; love; list

An inspirational place, created to vulgarize trends, expand beauty and share creative thoughts!

We are both from Brazil, that used to live together in California. Good times, besides roommates we went to grad school in San Diego. At the time, we got to face every single moment within the same “vibe”. Shared happiness, shopping, “keep it or toss it”, trips, good food, laughs, dreams

Fortunately, or  not , we got our grad diplomas.. completed our MBA in International Business, studied at School of Style (New York and Los Angeles), and moved back to Brazil. Starting everything from ground zero, literally, we can´t wait for new challenges, careers, friends, fashion, flavors and love.

Presented by:  Denis Braguini Bevacqua  &  Lailah Chamon Botelho]


Monsieur Denis, with one “n”.
A Marketer, left-handed, cool-hunter, free-spirited brazilian guy from São Paulo. At the moment, lives in a magical island called Florianópolis (go ahead, Google it).

Practical more often than intellectual, a not-so-quiet-simple-man, who will do something unexpected to shock you. He knows so many cool people, and is always looking for quality friends.

Mentally, he creates his own little world, and sometimes no one gets it. Most of the time, he is looking for the future and he thinks he lives  for the future.  How many people think like he does ( ? ? ? ).. but he does not want to be like the others. He is a man with a conflict.

D e n i s ‘ s   l u g g a g e    e x c e s s:
* MBA in International Business, San Diego
* Bachelor’s in Communications and Advertising, Brazil
* School of Style, NYC
* Harvard S.S for International Marketing classes, Cambridge

“I have an irrational fear of wasting a good outfit on an insignificant day”.

Stalk me:

Instagram: @denisbevacqua
Pinterest: @denisbraguini
Twitter: @denisbevacqua

Mademoiselle Lailah:
Fashion stylist, aquarian, ex-ballerina, left-handed as well, creative and tons of things that you will find out in a bit! Loves fashion and everything about it with all her heart, is a way too sensitive for arts (sometimes it´s kinda creepy, cause she sees art where apparently doesn´t exist). She adores music, photography, great food and traveling… OMG, she likes to travel! It´s part of  her personality being original, inventive, independent and intellectual, but speaking of  her dark side she´s intractable, contrary, unpredictable, detached and unemotional, but c´mon guys, not all the time!

Imagine things “over the top”… add some more sparkles,  lux and glam to it… yeah! That´s the way to go with her! As such a dreamer with wings, she thinks she came to this world with a mission of just enjoy and appreciate amazing and beautiful things in life as the fairy tail stories. But you know what… slowly she goes back to Earth and realizes she also needs to work really hard to make things happen… and it´s happening!!!

“Pretty girls don´t dance, they pose to techno”!

L a i l a h ´s   c a r r y –   o n   e x c e s s :
* MBA in International Business
* School of Style, “City of Angels” (Los Angeles)

Stalk me:
Pinterest: @Lailahchamon
Twitter: @Lailahchamon

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  1. I really love your blog!!! Love all the imagery, just wish I could read the text 😦
    Let me know if you ever need any shoes 😉

    • Thank you very much Khenri.
      I´ll try to post some more english stuff, so you can get the essence.
      Oh, about the shoes part, trust me, we are ALWAYS craving a new pair, intervention NOW.

    • Thank you veru much Ashley, from now on I´ll try to post some more english stuff.
      I believe you can understand the content just by looking at the pictures, lol If there´s anything specific you needed translated, let me know. My pleasure.

  2. Enjoy your blog! Very lively, interesting! My granddaughter lives in Brazil, but I’ve never been there nor do I know Portuguese. I’ll have to remedy that!

    • Hello Leya, thanks for your feedback.
      Let us know if you ever come down here, Brazil is pretty amazing.
      We´ll balance some portuguese with english, so you can understand, something like “Portuglish”. lol

  3. photobizzy

    Bonjour Monsieur et Mademoiselle. Thanks for visiting my blog and the “like.”

    Your amazing eye-candy has inspired me to start adding a weekly photo of past and recent projects. Check back in at photobizzy in the future…still building the blog when I’ve got time from shooting but hopefully I can bring some value to the photo community with more helpful phood for thought. Cheers!

  4. spinoza1111

    Yo quiero son blog! Mi Espanol est poco loco e rudamente. Gracias for your comment on Peter’s Crazy Aunt!

  5. spinoza1111

    Esta Portogueso! O my! I have been having some Portuguese moments lately, watching Capitanes de April about the 1974 revolution and meeting Portuguese people from Macau!

  6. I am glad you liked my post, that led me to your blog. Spanish helps me understand a bit, but the images speak for themselves! Looking forward to seeing more of your posts.

  7. I like this blog a lot. It’s very fresh, unique and enjoyable. Plus, it will help me brush up on the little bit of Spanish that I remember!

  8. Thanks so much for “Liking” the latest picture I found online…the bluish one with the trees and the moon! I loved finding your very stylish and friendly blog! I do not know portugese but in London I met one person from Florianopolis in 1981….very memorable! I will visit again….The Creative Lioness aka Judy…http://cardtales.wordpress.com

    • Wow.. how cool is that? I am from Florianópolis, have u ever been here? You should, it´s a beautiful place.
      Thanks for your visit Judy.. Best

  9. I had no idea that your language here is Portuguese…shows what I know! There are so many different dialects to every language, I thought it to be Spanish! (My apologies) Do you ever listen to Nellie Fertado? Growing up with good old rock n roll, there are very few comtemporary musicians I get real excited about, but she is one of them: writes all her own songs, and sings beautifully in English, Spanish and Portuguese…I don’t understand the latter, but the emotion is so rich one does not need to know the words. I have been enjoying your blog and find it to be quite unique, have seen nothing else like it…

  10. Very nice visual content !! And extremely creative !!! A pleasure to look at …(even though I don’t understand the language ….the eye is the sea of the beholder ….pun on sea be vast an expansive)

  11. Thank you for liking my post Go for Guu! You have a gorgeous blog. I love how inspiring your visuals are and helps keep the creative juices flowing. Kudos to you! 🙂

  12. Love your site. So many god fashion stories, thanks for your great interest in my piece on stret art around the world-. A few things from Rio and Sao Paulo. I still have a house in Arrial do Cabo (Cabo Frio) near Rio. Keep up your god work:)

  13. wfoster2011

    Really enjoy your site. Thanks for pushing the like button on mine.
    I would love to visit Brazil some day. The Brazilians really know how to party. Laterly, blogging and earthquake study and prediction have kept me busy.
    What part of Brazil to you live in? Sao Paulo?
    Bill Foster
    aka: The Master of Disaster

    • Yeah, we do know how to party.
      Actually, I was born in SP but raised in Florianopolis, an island in south of Brazil. Lailah is from Belo Horizonte.
      let us know if you ever come here.

  14. Thanks for liking my post Chicquero! I’m new to this whole blogging game, so feel free to share your secrets… You have some aswesome inspiration going on here… keep dressing up that pig my friend!

    • Sometimes the pig wants to be dressed down. lol
      How are you doing? Welcome to the blogging game, it’s fun and very inspiring.
      Let us know if you need anything..

  15. Ersilia Von Chette

    Hello! A very interesting and imaginative blog. Blown away by the photos of eyes and lips, wow! Thanks for sharing and thank you very much for visiting me and liking my book “Foxley Manor and the Evil Professor.” Best wishes in all your endeavors. Ersilia Von Chette

  16. Thank you for the comments and likes! I know nothing about fashion, nor do I understand Portuguese, but your blog is visually stunning. It’s a pleasure to read.

    I have something for you, an item you might not have noticed. Os Gemeos did a graffiti project on a Scottish castle in 2007. Here’s the link to my blog post on the subject. The time lapse video is amazing.


  17. Gosto seu blog! E obrigado pelo ‘like’ em meu blog tambem!

    Ate la,
    The Barefoot Troubadour

    (faz dois anos que falei portugues! desculpe da grammatica!)

  18. What a very interesting blog! It’s different than what I usually follow, but really enjoyed going through your different posts and I’ll be back. Thanks for leaving a ‘like’ on my blog post today. It gave me a way to find you.

    • Hello Mademoiselle Elizabeth (I love this name),
      We are always looking for something ‘different’, and sometimes.. the normal is different. 😛
      It’s a pleasure to have you here. Tkz

  19. Hallo Denis and Lailah,

    thanks for visiting brandpowder. Your blog is interesting and I’m glad you also like Nirrimi Hakanson (whom I consider a genius).
    I like most of the stuff you posted and your point of view about vulgarizing trends (brilliant). I will check chicquero from now on and I will try to keep in touch with you.

    Best regards,

    (from Milan, Italy)

    • Hello Carlo, hows Milano treating you?
      Nirrimi is awesome, love her. The trends should be vulgarized and that’s our job to make that happen. lol
      Thanks for you visit, we’ll be waiting for you 🙂

    • Hey Paola,
      Life is all about being original and hilarious.. and so is our profile. lol
      I loved your blog.. great imagery. You have a great eye.
      Tkz for sharing with us.

  20. Thank you for liking A History Lesson In Hot Marrakech.

    chicquero – pig sty …

    It reminds me of a memory, from a long time ago …
    orgasmic and fragile.

    More recent … A Portuguese lover …
    A Cuban man …

    A Big thank you … for finding me
    x x

    • Chicquero = Pig Sty, well that was before we went “global” lol
      We start our blog in portuguese, just for friends and etc.. the name made sense in the begging… we had to re-think our concept.
      Thanks for your visit

  21. munyivaresponsibletravel

    Thanks for liking my post, will have to blog about Brazil when we get there..awesome blog! I will be back 😉

  22. So glad to have found your blog!

    Denis: I wrote an entire novel based on the idea that a father and son can’t get along because they were both born under the sign of Taurus.

    Lailah: I am also an ex-ballerina and left-handed! Sadly, I am not blonde or an aquarian. Scorpio all the way.

    • Hello Heellis, how have you been?

      Really? I want to read your novel, must be pretty interesting, taurus peeps are intense. I got admit that.
      Let me know if you ever need any crazy characters to write about, I bet me and Lailah would be something cool to put on a pice o paper. LOL

      Thank you so much for you visit.

    • Hey Jurgita, how are you doing today?
      I know we are always thinking about something different to write in here, what do you think about this one?
      Have a great weekend, xoxo

  23. Everything looks wonderful. Your discerning eye is impeccable. The layout is clean and refreshing. Me..i’m inspired and a renewed interest in fashion. Mahalo

    Thanks for visiting at the Lower Farm

  24. Sofia Essen

    Wonderful webpage you two have got going here. Keep it going! I’m signing up as your subscriber.

    Best Wishes,

    P.S. Thanks for Liking my blog entry.

  25. Thank you for the liking of my blog entry! 🙂 I have seen yours and I think you guys have great content here. I’ll be checking out more pics, but I especially enjoyed the light show photos.

  26. Shan @ Orchira

    I discovered you after WordPress sent me a notice that you liked my blog post of Pearl Princess Kate Hudson, then I found your blog which is very very nice, sleek, chic and up to the minute! Brilliant. Glad to get to know you guys… (although I have not found out how to like your blog!)

    Shan @ Orchira

  27. Thanks for stopping by my blog recentlyand posting a “like”. I was curiuous to see what your blog was about and have found it fascinating. I will subscribe and spend some time with it. All in all the images and bios are very provocative.

    I am a digital artist, feel free to subscribe to my blog and explore my images and thoughts.

    n e w d i g i t a l s c a p e s


  28. I love your blog!! Especially the MAC excessive make-up images. So glad you liked my Alfie’s Antiques in London post which brought me to seeing your blog and all your great posts! I look forward to seeing your next selection of fantastic images! xox

  29. thank you for your lovely comments on my blog! i am very grateful! 🙂
    just thought i’d post a comment to say that i love your blog, and i now follow you via bloglovin 🙂

  30. Sofia Essen

    I love your blog and I’m a happy follower.

    Up until a few weeks ago, I thought a Ping was half a game of table tennis, a backlink some kind of dance step, and feed something you give cattle to snack on. Since I’ve started blogging, I’ve begun learning an entirely new language.

    While I’m on the subject of blogging… I’m going to start posting a series of mini-interviews at Sofia’s Place. 5 Quick Questions With “Mr. X”. I’m going to ask my interviewees what they do for a living, who/what inspires them, and what advice they have for people in their line of work. The other two questions will be the interviewees’ choice.

    If you or someone you know would like to be a part of “5 Quick Questions With” you can e-mail me or leave a message for me at http://cretanchange.wordpress.com/

    Someone once told me, “The only easy day was yesterday.” But I hope you’ll have a great Thursday!


  31. Que legal o seu blog! Adorei conhecer, e vou continuar lendo os seus posts! If you have any ideas for my blog (about what makes Brazilian women so alluring) let me know!


  32. Thanks for the ‘Like’ on my WP post, ‘Reflecting on Birth and Silence’.

    Anyway, very nice blog, great photos, and very cool ‘about us’ details!! I’m not a fashionista but you might get me to reconsider. Ciao.

  33. padiofarty

    Thanks to whichever of your Fashionistas put a “Like” mark on my Blog titled EXERCISE AND HAMSTERS.

    I am very much an UN fashionista preferring to drink straight from the bottle and preferably a bottle that never drains dry – so I wouldnt really be an appropriate subscriber to your blog.

    Nevertheless Thank you very much for your kindness – oh, and by the way, about those wine glasses on your site – I do hope that you are able to blitz that useless contractor of yours who made them, for gods sake if my supplier sent me defective goods like that I would sue them for every bloody penny that they had.

    • So do I, drinking straight from the bottle is very practical. 🙂
      The glasses.. is all about taste, I don’t mind to have a few different designs options, and change the concept sometimes. I think it is quirky and fun.
      Anyways, thank you so much for your feedback, I’ll hope you’ll find some inspiration in here.

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  35. patricefitz

    Love the wild cat photos! Thanks for visiting my blog.

    I’m a fan of Brazil (visited Rio, Bel Horizonte, Manaus…)

    Carry on!

    • Thx a lot, Patrice! This is Lailah and I´m from Belo Horizonte! That´s awesome that you´ve been here, uz it´s not a touristic city at all! xoxo

  36. ChrisKincaid

    Hey guys,

    Just stopping by to say thanks for the ‘like’ on my blog!

    And happy to know that others share my dark sense of humor 🙂


  37. MOL

    Thanks for reading my blog. I checked yours out. I’ll be following your growth! I wish you all the best of luck, talent, ideas flowing!

  38. WOW !!!! WOW !!! WOW!!! I just love your blog. I am so inspired and delighted to see everything you are posting. I appreciate you coming by my blog to check me out. Just a few more months before I launch 🙂

  39. Thank you for your visit and click. You both are so beautiful and so cool! I want to befriend you guys! And the pages . . . OMG so great! Fantastic visuals, excellent words and you are busy, busy! Obrigado!

    • Wow.. thank for for such a lovely comment.. specially the “beautiful and cool” part. LOL
      Dont worry, we are already friends, thankz to technology and blog.. hehe 🙂 Where do you live?
      Best best best

    • Hey Sarah,

      I’m glad you liked. Literally, it was a pleasure to take your blog virginity. Hopefully, it will be the first of many, many, many likes, like an orgy or something. lol
      “This one time I painted a side of raw meat, and I loved it, and so I kept making art.” Keep it up, you are awesome.

      Best of luck (:

  40. Hi guys!

    You have taken my blog virginity too, and I am stoked!! It’s still very new so for me to know that it has reached to you guys half way round the world I feel quite special 🙂

    You guys have an awesome blog too, very interesting and enjoyable.

    Much love x

    • Hello Paula,

      Wow, we are getting good at this virginity thing. lol how was it for you? New Zealand must be an incredible place, can’t wait to visit.
      Hope its all well.. good luck with you new blog.

      Cheers from Brazil 🙂

  41. Obrigado pela visita e apoio. Nós temos algumas raízes em San Diego (Ocean Beach) e também do Brasil. Você tem um site super interessante e bem feito. Uma saudação de nós!

  42. Thank you for the likes on my fashionista posts. Glad to know someone from Brazil is reading my blog. Your fashion and photography is very nice, so stylish!

    Smiles from Philippines. 🙂

    • We have a lot of friends from Philippines, everyone is so nice, love it.
      You have a very nice, well done/written blog.
      Thankz for sharing (:

  43. Lailah & Denis
    Congrats for being Freshly Pressed on WordPress!
    Thanks for the ‘Likes’ on my site. If you are ever back in Los Angeles, we should go shopping!


    • Hey Irene… thx a lot for such kind words!!! We love your site and can´t wait to go shopping in LA with you…we´ll let you know when we go up there! Cheers 😉

  44. so much fun! voces sao super bacanas (e o meu corretor de texto acabou de “corrigir” para “bacon”… ah ingles!) Anyway, loved your blog! muita paz pros dois, Raquel

  45. so much fun! voces sao super bacanas (e o meu corretor de texto acabou de “corrigir” “bacana” para “bacon”… ah ingles!) Anyway, loved your blog! muita paz pros dois, Raquel

  46. burnedandbroken

    This is great. I love that you are from Brazil. I have a five year plan to work myself to get there. Full with lessons in Portuguese and everything.

    • Hi Burnedandbroken!
      Where are you from? Brazil is awesome, don´t wait for 5 years! If you knoe some Spanish you can communiate here!
      Thx for visiting us!!!! Obrigada

  47. padiofarty

    Well re those Wine Glasses – I have a drinking problem and having tried to use those wine glasses I now have an even bigger problem – my laundry bill has sky rocketed!!!

    • We love your blog, Francis!!!! Very cool content!!!
      So glad you came over to visit us and tons of thanks to you for such kind words! It really means a lot!
      Let´s keep up with the good work!

  48. C.

    Thank you for liking my post because it brought me here and it made me see how you guys did a degree in international business and then went in fashion and style and arts! It’s nice to see that it can be done 🙂 Honestly, you just cheered me up!

    • Hi, C!!!!
      I know it´s retty random, but what we are doing now is a true passion! We love it and we want to inspire people!!!
      Your blog is super nie, btw!!!
      Thx for visiting us and hope to see you soon!!

  49. Hey there

    Many thanks for the Like on my post.
    I must say, very interesting posts on your WP too, looking forward to read more.

    Hope you’ll both have a brilliant day…

    Greetings from Jerusalem…


  50. What an wonderful blog! Your enthusiasm for fashion has overpowered me– I’m going to go straight out and buy a new pair of socks!! : )

    Seriously, though, your posts are delightful, and your good humor contagious. I’m very happy to make your acquaintance, and I shall look forward to my next visit. Wishing you both all the best!

    • Hey Mark, how are you doing?
      Loved your comment, a pair of socks is definitely something to worry about, and remember to avoid white socks in formal outfits. LOL
      Anyways, we are glad you enjoyed our blog, hope to see you back in here soon, always welcome.

  51. Thank you for hitting the Like button for my cat Link. I draw a picture of Link every day in a different setting. I have drawn approximately 225 pictures. I love my cat and I love drawing him. You have a wonderful site and I look forward to exploring more of it.

  52. Saw that you “liked” my post today, and so I came to your blog to check you guys out, too. Love this blog! And Denis….I’m a Taurus, too. We may be stubborn people, but we’re really down to Earth. Glad to find like minded people. Subscribing to your blog. Hope you’ll subscribe to mine, as well.

  53. Hi – I meant to congratulate you long ago on your beautiful post that was Freshly Pressed. And I also wanted to say how much I appreciate you liking my Sketchbook and Jottings posts!! Your blog is gorgeous.

    • Oi Amigaaaaaaa!!!!! Que tudo vc por aqui!!!!
      Divulga mesmo, pq a gente ta realmente afim de botar pra quebrar!

  54. Wow, your blog is so fun, especially love the rainbow food segment. The designer takes “I smell colors!” to a whole new level, lol. Thanks for fav-ing my recent post. I see that you’re in the business of taking blog virginity and it was really exciting…for me at least. Thanks!

    • “I smell colors” lol so true.
      We know how hard it is to start a new blog, we are really exited to see ‘new comers’ sharing their stuff with creativity and excitement.
      Wish you all the luck, keep blogin, aight?


    • Hi Lizzy!!!!

      Your blog is super nice, congrats!
      We will definitely keep up with our work, because we absolutely love what we do!
      Thx a lot for such kind words and please come back soon to check out what´s new here!

      Lailah & Denis

    • Wow…that means a lot o us!!! Now we´re blushing…
      We´ll def check out your blog and thank you sooo very much for that!
      See you soon, Kate!

  55. marshall ace

    Hello! Nice to meet you. Thanks for liking my post, which introduced me to your beautiful site. Always good to have more fashion and design inspiration!

    – Marshall Ace.

  56. Cool blog, guys! Love the way you did your “About us” write-ups.

    And, thank you so much for all your Likes on our blog!

  57. Just had a look at your art – love it! Thank you so much for your feedback. Always nice to hear from a fellow ‘design/art/coffee’ lover!

  58. So glad you visited my blog and “liked” my post. That way, I was able to find my way over here to see your fab blog. Love your ABOUT US! Thanks for stopping by! Margie

  59. Hi!
    You liked my blog! Thx for taking a look. Its very new with only a few posts – very cautious!
    Have had a look around your blog and website – very fascinating. I will follow it!


    • Hello Phillip, how are you doing?
      We all got start at somepoint, right? Keep it up with the good job.
      Thanks for the follow, you won’t regret 🙂

    • Hello,
      I’ve just recently joined stumble, I’m glad you have found us over there.
      Thank you so much for your visit, hope you comeback.

  60. oolung

    Hi! Thanks for “liking” a post on my blog about China. Funnily enough, I just had a peek at your blog last night – coincidence? 😉 I guess it’s a mystical ‘girl living abroad’ vibe that brought this about. Good luck with your blog (nice read!) and visit mine again!
    (Hmm, we’ve also chosen the same theme for the site! 🙂 )

    • What a great coincidence, how are you doing?
      China must be such an incredible place, can’t wait to visit.
      Thanks for your comment, keep it up 🙂

  61. Hey! Nice blog! I saw you liked one of our posts on our blog: dress to destress. Nice!

    I’m gonna like you on FB and wil suscribe to your blog. 🙂 We just started so if you have any tips let me know!



    • Fashion models? You don’t have to exaggerate. LOL
      thank you so much, we’ll keep it up with some great content, not sure about the modeling part tho. 🙂

  62. JellyBen

    I’m glad that I found you guys. This blog is fantastic and I enoy to read each post.
    Sucess to both of you!

  63. Hey, just wanted to let you guys know I will run a post on Monday, linking to your blog and the post you did about Ray, the pumpkin carver. Happy Halloween!! Margie

  64. This is quite an interesting about and it did make me laugh.
    Outside waiting tables my style is pretty bland but you liking a post and me finding you would probably be better for me.
    Thank you

  65. HI i love your blogg, its always creative, this is where i refresh my mind after i do a photo shoot with my models. as it goes would it be possible if by any chance i could feature any of my creative model photography. if possible please email me at info@frameperfect.co.uk

    • That was such a cool post, CheyAnne…keep up with the great work and it’s such an honor for us to stop by and be so kind! Thx a lot! see you soon!

  66. hey there! this is friedrich rimbaud (a barely concealed reference to two dead guys i love to read). thanks for stopping by to read my post on Getting Lost at Rumi Supertramp. i’ve read your posts on pumpkin carving and that overdose of a house and love your appreciation of arts and aesthetics. both of you sound beaucoup cool and it sounds like you are at very exciting stages of your lives. have fun and keep blogging….

    • That was an awesome post, btw…and we really appreciate your kind words! We are very excited with the blogging thing, cause it’s something pretty new to us, so we’re still learning how to deal with it! But for sure we absolutely love what we do and def we’ll keep up with the work trying as best as we can! Thx a lot, Fred!

  67. whoah this blog is fantastic i really like studying your posts. Stay up the great paintings! You understand, lots of people are looking around for this info, you could aid them greatly.

  68. Wow! Thanks for checking out my design blog – but even more so – thanks for letting me see yours! Love the odd and interesting things you’ve brought together – really a great and distinctive point of view!
    Cheers! D

  69. Hi Chicquero
    since i ve been following your site I realise how inspiring it must be to everyone and what a great resource you are.
    I’ve eventually made some more posts myself, maybe you could check them out; there’s a new category – Flush 3 – you’ll realise i’ve been travelling/site seeing.

    ps I have a Brazilian brother in law!

    • Wow…. Thx for the kind words!!!
      We will def check your blog out… and it’s cool to have brazilian people around… we are super warm and love to make new friends!!!
      Thx a lot for stopping by!

      Lailah & Denis

  70. Laura

    You guys are awesome! Love your sense of humor and writing style. Glad you found my blog so I could discover yours!

  71. ola, Brazil 🙂 I’m a romanian lady , seems we are cousins ! latin roots 🙂 U guys r so awesome together . Stay this way always 😉 love4ever
    thx 4 visiting my blog ! u r welcome anytime

    • Wow that´s awesome.
      My grandma is from Romania, her name is Ekaterina, so we might be real cousins. LOL
      Thank you so much for passing by.. keep it up 🙂

  72. Mr Mole

    an interesting web page, well presented with many lovely pictures, it will take me some time to look through them all. I will be back, (as someone else said)
    Mr Mole

  73. I love your blog….I want to keep digesting! Visually beautiful & thought-provoking. Continue your fabulous work…. & thanks for the like….Will definitely be back!

    Andre’ R.

    • Hey Andre,
      How have you been? Thank you so much, it’s a pleasure to have you here.
      Feel free to randomly browse around for some cool stuff.
      Let us know if there’s anything specific you would like to see 🙂

    • Hey Boss, how are you?
      We are so glad you noticed our passion for this.. we’ll make sure to share our “heart” with you guys.
      Thanks for passing by

  74. pretty cool blog 🙂
    simple, but mean so much 🙂
    I also love design, your pics on this blog is awesome!

    -greeting from Indonesian- ^_______^

  75. Hi Chicquero!

    Hello from Singapore!
    I was very surprised to see your LIKE on my necklaces!
    My site is very new and you’re actually the first one who “reacted” on my site!

    Thank you very much!!!

    Love your photos by the way…

    Thank you,
    Moody Mary

    • Hello Moody Mary, (I love the name you have chosen)
      Singapore? Must be incredible, can’t wait to visit Asia.
      No worries about our comment, we are very happy to help some beginners, we know how hard it is to get some recognition at first.
      So we’r wishing you the best of luck!

  76. Thanks for popping in to my blog.
    Your blog is good-looking with a great sense of style and humor, but I think you’d be appalled at my fashion sense. I see Denis spent some time in Cambridge, so he may be familiar with the more typical dress of those of us living in the boonies of Western Massachusetts.
    Mustaches are strange.
    Have fun with your blog! Stop by twinklysparkles any time.

  77. Ines

    A-do-rei este blog 😀
    Obrigada por passarem no meu cantinho! Eu hei-de voltar aqui mais vezes com certeza.

  78. Your blog is awesome and always inspirational – I always have my eyes and ears open for fashion…….maybe one day I will end up on your blog !

  79. Thank you so much for liking my blog post! It’s wonderful to have new blogging friends, and you are my first from Brazil! I am planning to write a few blogs about your amazing country – please do keep reading and I would welcome your comments/corrections/criticisms! Warm wishes from Kingston, Jamaica…

  80. intrepidtraveller

    Everyday I come to your blog and can’t help but like your posts. All the photography projects you share are spell binding, how do you find such gems? Keep being awesome! Janet

    • Wow sweet, thank you so much Janet.
      Just browsing around the web, we are so glad you liked!
      Keep coming, and we’ll keep sharing!
      Lots of love

  81. Thanks for stopping by my blog and letting me now by your liking it.

    I love what I see here, it´s refreshing and inspiring.


  82. You sound like you were made to meet each other… so many similarities and coincidences. With so much jet fuel behind you I’m sure you both will take the creative scenes by storm, or the Pororoca… whichever works for you. Also, as per your shiny-shiny resume everyone should have a friend like you guys, but no more than two or it will be too much to handle! 😉
    Good luck!

  83. What an original blog! I am part Brazilian on my Mother’s side. I visited Brazil in 1993 and I LOVED it! I really like your blog name 🙂 I’m definitely following you!!

    • Hello Soulist,
      I really appreciate your blog, great content going on.
      You bet, next time in europe, we’ll hit you up, ok? Let us know if you ever come to Brazil, let’s keep in touch

  84. What an amazing blog you have! Vibrant and alive, bursting with creativity.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, We are both going out on a limb with our ideas, and testing the limits.


  85. Super dizzying site! Love to see that. And yes, minimalism IS for quitters.

    All the best. Keep up the fantastic work and thanks for stopping by True Outsider.


  86. santacruzdailymuse

    Hi Chicquero! I’d like to add you as a link in my favorite blogs – love the energy! Hope it’s okay.

    • Oi Chico!!!!! Bem vindo ao Chicquero e que bom que gostou!!!
      Espero que volte em breve pra dar outras bisbilhotadas no que está por vir!

  87. Belated Merry Christmas!

    Thank you for visiting my blog and liking my post. I shall follow you on Twitter, as I really like the artistic realms you are uncovering here.

    Once I have some of my “Celebrity Art Pants” series completed, you might consider featuring them on you blog one day…?

    Wishing you all the very best for the New Year!


    • Hello Tony, how are you?
      Feel free to stalk us anywhere. lol
      Please, feel free to send anything that you consider compatible with us. We would love to share great content and help you out with some considerable recognition!


  88. Dani

    Your blog is beautiful and since I’m new to the blogging world, it’s very touching and exciting to me that I got a “like” from someone like you, on the other side of the world. Thank you for this and thank you for sharing your wonderful words!

    • Hi Dani! You have a very nice blog, btw! Welcome to the blogging world, we’re still amateurs, cuz it hasn’t been so long for us as well, but we can tell you that it’s so much fun! Cheers from Brazil! Hope to see you soon!

  89. Thank you for reading and for the like on my blog. But, I must say, my jaw has hit the lap top and I am in lust. Adore your blog and sense of fashion. Adore the picture quality and stories that they tell. I’m just a little excited sorry!

  90. judithsmarkworld

    I ❤ the "about us". Did you do each other profile description? Anyways, well written! I love the pics i've seen on the blog… I am following! I am sure I will get some ideas for my own makeup look! Great job!

  91. So happy to have found you. Looks like an interesting ride!

    and I agree with your quote Denis, so funny AND true:

    “I have an irrational fear of wasting a good outfit on an insignificant day”.

  92. I’m a fan of both of you very interesting young people! Where is the sign up sheet to be your friend? I got a tattoo from a Brazilian artist, while we were both in Sardegnia, Italia. That’s cool, huh? Great blog! May I ask why you don’t post any advertising? Let me guess…NOT cool! Peace 🙂

    • Hey Kevin, how are you?
      You just signed your sheet, you seen like a cool guy 😉 We love tatts, what did you get?
      I’m a Marketing guy, so i think advertising is pretty cool. LOL We’ll think about it.

      Thank you Kevin, you rock!

  93. Modern Funk


    You guys rock…I love your blog! My husband’s favorite place in the world is Manaus. I hope to go one day soon…as I hear it’s unbelievable. I’ve been to Buenos Aires, Argentina and Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay and love the Latin culture. Portuguese is a beautiful, sultry language.

    Thanks for the photos and unique perspective!


    • That’s awesome to hear that! And where are you from? You should come to Brazil, it’s truly amazing and very unique! Thx a lot for your kindness and looking forward to hear from you soon!

  94. Jenny


    I recently received the Versatile Blogger Award and I’m now passing it on to you. Adore your blog!

    – Jenny

  95. Quizoxy

    Hello blogger! Was awarded with the versatile award and here to let you know you’re one of my favorite 15 WordPress bloggers! Check it out my blog for the interesting post about the award!


  96. Lailah, OMG, Great job! I was wondering where you were if not in S.Cali. You guys are very talented and have broad views on arts and fashion. Its very nice to see you giving ideas and inspiration to many people around the world. You rock, girl! My best wishes to you both!

    • Becky!!!!! It’s been a while, my friend! Still in Tahoe? I’m soooo blushing right now, thank you very much for your kindness and I’m really glad you found us on wordpress! That’s awesome! I’ll might go to Cali this year, I’ll let you know! xoxo

  97. I love your blog!!! I look forward to it everyday, and never miss perusing it and always enjoy it! I love being exposed to the beautiful artwork you share, as I’m not exposed to much art throughout my day. Can you please give any tips to any other art-related blogs that you love, that I should check out as well?


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  99. I just added you to my blogroll as the first art/fashion blog. I love your sense of humour and style, perks up my day. Love from Queensland today xx

  100. jessicakorteman

    Great blog you have here! Thanks so much for stopping by mine and for the ‘like’ 🙂

  101. Thank you for visiting my blog… decided to come take a peek at yours! Such fresh, colorful yet classic expressions of beauty and vibrance. Inspiring. Love that you are from Brazil! I’ve been listening to Marisa Monte these days. There is something very alluring about the Brazilian culture to me.

    • Oh, we love Marisa Monte, she has a great strong voice.
      Let´s us know if you ever need any “cultural”, musical tips.. Btw, If you ever make it here, hit us up, please!

  102. Hey you two,

    I am a big fan of your work, and I am happy to tell you that I’m presenting you with the Kreative Blogger Award!

    The award comes with a badge to display on your blog and the opportunity to present the award to other bloggers. Details about the award and how to pass it on are in my latest blogpost, here: http://angelleighdesigns.wordpress.com/

    Thank you so much for your contributions!

  103. I once got a Brazilian. That is the closest I’ve gotten to Brazil. I would love to learn more, byway of your blog, and all the wonderment you have to offer! Do you recommend any particular Brazilian movies, books, comic books?

    I love your blog!

      • In a nutshell, I am a writer and artist. I love all the arts. I am Hispanic too. I am curious about Brazilian culture. Any recommendations you might make would be welcome: favorite Brazilian movies, books, comics? Anything would be fun to know. Thanks.

  104. Hey guys!
    love your blog, and the fact that you are fellow south americans! I’m a Uruguayan girl living in London. We have lots in common 🙂

    lots of light,



  105. Your quote – “I have an irrational fear of wasting a good outfit on an insignificant day”. just made my day. It was perfect. I completely understand.

  106. I know you have received lots of awards but I have included you in my list of blogs as a nomination for the Kreativ Blogger award. I love the edginess of your blog. It helps me keep up to date with “young things”!

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  108. Thanks for visiting my blog “Reflections” and liking “The Art of Veil Painting …” Your blog is really fun and funky. Thanks for stopping by mine so I could check out yours … Be well, Dorothy 🙂

  109. Thanks for popping by and leaving breadcrumbs for me to follow. Wow, what a blog! Every post a gem. It’s filled a dreary grey morning in the North of England with vibrancy and warmth.

  110. Very intriguing blog! Love, love, self expression! and creativity! I too am from Brazil, but a small town in Indiana, USA. Your city is our sister city. Years ago, it sent us a fountain that remains still in our main city park! Thanks for the ‘like’ on my Wordless Wednesday post. Appreciate it so much.

  111. Gorgeous blog – I love the photography I’ve seen so far and can’t wait to see more! Thank you for stopping by and liking my blog 🙂
    Felicidades, Liz

  112. cloverxxkorhz

    Thanks for stopping by my blog~

    You got a very good nice stuff here! I got a lot of inspiration from your blog. Thank you. Cheers!


  113. We’ve nominated you ‘The Beautiful Blogger Award’ 😀

    Feel free to participate.
    The rules of the Beautiful Blogger award:
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    Thank YOU for posting up inspiring articles!

  114. Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your blog posts. After all I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again very soon!

  115. Thanks for visiting my blog and liking my post on the Porefessional SpyGal— I’m also glad I got a chance to visit your site and witness some of your creative little “spasms”! The tone of your blog is really fun!

  116. hi there sweet faces!!!
    I have enjoyed following your blog and have nominated you for the “one Lovely Blog” Award.Now for the rules of acceptance:
    -Thank the person/people who nominated you and link back to them in your post.
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  117. Hello!

    Just wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award. It is up to you whether you choose to accept it or not, check my site for the details if you would like to pay it forward.

    I think your work is amazing and I love following your posts. Virtual high five for your efforts. Have a great day!

    Yasmin (aka Hermit Homewares)

  118. Claudia

    Acabo de encontrar esse blog e eu adorei!! Ainda mais que vocês são Brasileiros (que é meu pais favorito.).

    What an amazing blog! I am so excited to have found you!!

  119. Rodrigo

    1:40 da manha, about to go to bed e me deparo, não lembro como, com esse blog!
    Keep up the good work!
    Spreading the word in London already 🙂

  120. Love your content. Especially the Dancers Among Us. I’d like to talk to you about using the content of this post for New York Natives magazine, and sourcing it of course. Your work would receive full credit. Let me know!

    • Hey Sasha, How are you doing?
      Yes, you can use the content for you Magazine, let me know if theres anything else i can do for you!

      Cheers from Brazil

  121. Ajani

    I’m getting in touch on behalf of a UK based production company, Pioneer Productions, we are really interested in licensing some of the great photos you have of Oscar Niemeyer’s work. what is the best way to go about this?


  122. Greetings! I’ve been following your website for some time now and finally got the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from Kingwood Texas! Just wanted to mention keep up the great work!

  123. Natalie

    The only good blog I’ve ever followed!!
    I’m tired of seeing selfies of people on the street in what they’ve just purchased!
    Please keep posting!!
    Much love!

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